GSOC project 2010

During the summer 2010, I will work work with my mentor Andy Terrel on a GSOC project to improve the automatic code generation features of Sympy.   In this blog I will write about the progress, starting out with a short presentation of my project, and my personal motivation.

The aim of my project this summer is to enable Sympy to generate directly compilable code that implements equations relevant to Computational Physics and Chemistry.   This would be very useful, because it is increasingly the case that the precision of scientific calculations is limited not by the available computing power, but rather by the huge amount of work needed to manually derive and code equations.

There are already some important pieces for code generation functionality in Sympy, and I intent to build upon this as much as possible.  There are code printers for fortran and c that will turn math into code, and there is also a codegen utility that aim to provide features similar to the goals of my project.   I am not sure how much the codegen utility can do right now, but according to comments in the code, there is still a lot to do.  I will have to study it in more detail, but at least I know that my project is not already implemented 😉 .

That’s it for now.  I hope you’ll come back to read about my progress next week!

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