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Refactoring and reading

Fixing array arguments and refactoring codegen Right after finishing a first implementation of array arguments last week, and bragging about it in a blog post, I realized it had some embarrassing shortcomings: The generated code was not compilable. Luckily, this … Continue reading

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Python idioms

I came across a document with lots of tips for efficient Python programming.

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Array arguments

I started last week by setting up a page on the wiki to write down and publish my thoughts about how to implement code generation with array expressions. The intention was to flesh out some details and I also hoped … Continue reading

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Design ideas on the wiki

I am in the planning phase of how to implement array arguments in the generated code. I have setup a page on the wiki where I am thinking aloud about the design.  If you have specific any thoughts about code … Continue reading

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Fortran free-form and a code generator

I have now implemented and uploaded to github an improvement to the Fortran code printer which provides an option for free source form, as opposed to fixed source form.  Relying on the free source form option, I also put together … Continue reading

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Update on codegen

I’ve been studying the codegen utility a bit more.  According to  ‘git blame’, the module is mainly written by Toon Verstraelen.  I’d like to give him credit, because it is a very nice piece of code, and it seems like … Continue reading

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